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As the founder, CEO or leader of a growing business, success starts with YOU. And, as the saying goes, “Success is a habit.”

Reflect and reset in the New Year by joining our CEO, Robyn Ward, for a Masterclass aimed at helping you bring your best self to work every day.

As a leader, your job is to walk into your office as energized, optimistic, focused and productive as possible.  This sounds simple but is not easy when faced with the demands of a fast-paced, constantly evolving business.

Having worked with founders and leadership teams for over 20 years, Robyn has garnered insights and created tools to help you “Manage the F Words - Fatigue, Focus and Fear - for Success.”  This 2 hour live session will be chock-full of information and exercises aimed at helping you master your time, attention, energy and mindset to be the best leader (and human) you can be.  

Everyone struggles with “The F Words.” It is the people who tackle these inevitable struggles with awareness, intention, and a game-plan that up-level themselves and their businesses.


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Create Your Peak Performance Recipe and Plan

Are you exhausted more than you are energized? You will identify the negative habits causing you to feel drained and create a daily action plan to help you bring your best self to work every day.


Get Back of Offense (and in control of your calendar)

Are you feeling reactive more than you are proactive? It’s time to take control of your day and pinpoint your “flow” inhibitors. You will learn how to structure your day so you can be more productive. 


Better Manage Your Attention + Energy

Have your days become less focused than you’d like? You can’t do everything, so it’s time to stop letting the day slip away because you aren’t prioritizing the right things.


Develop a Toolkit for Managing Your Mindset

Are you finding yourself anxious and worried more than calm and positive? It happens to everyone, but as the leader of your team or company you must learn how to manage your stress, anxiety and fears to perform at your best.