30-Day Self-Work Challenge


Our CEO did a 30-Day Self Work Challenge about a year ago and we thought we would share some highlights here for you to kick off your New Year.

When is the last time you checked in with yourself?  Like...really...checked in with yourself?

Chances are you are so consumed by your startup that it has been a long time since you thought about just YOU.  Self-reflection, after all, is key to self-awareness and growth.

Here are two easy exercises to jumpstart your self-reflection process:

Personal Branding Work:   

When is the last time you wrote down your (not your company’s) core values, mission statement, and vision statement. Other great questions to ask yourself: What do you stand for? How do you define who you are? How do you want to impact the world?

This is a challenging and powerful exercise. If you are not doing things – in either your professional or personal life – that align with your values and goals, it is time to make changes.

Prioritization Pie:    

When is the last time you really assessed how you are spending your time — not just in your job, but across various aspects of your life?  Write down the areas of life that are most important to you. Some examples: Family, Friends & Dog, Job/Career, Love Life, Fitness & Health, Travel & Fun, Service, and Learning.

Now draw a pie chart with an accurate depiction of how your time is spent. Then study it and note which “slices” are out of whack with your needs and values.  Next, re-draw the pie with the slices the sizes you want each to be.  Post this somewhere you can see it each day to help keep yourself in check.

At FounderForward, we are big proponents of goal-setting for your business AND yourself.  These two exercises, supplemented with other self-reflection activities like meditation and journaling, can help you assess where you are now and better understand where you want to be - at the end of 30 days and beyond.

You can read the full post here:   http://robynmward.com/2016/09/30-self-work-6-ideas-checking-w/

Want another exercise to help you along the 30-Day Self-Work Challenge? 

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